Here you can download best Interactive live wallpapers. Android live wallpapers become more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really beautiful screensavers. All content is totally free! Any mobile livewallpaper can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Interactive live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets are added daily to our collection.
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Votes: 41
Aquarium by Red Stonz - watch colorful fishes swimming in a huge aquarium resembling the ocean bottom. Set these wallpapers to your device, create a calm atmosphere and enjoy these incredible wallpapers.
Views: 11 410
Popularity: 1 982
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Votes: 22
Waterfall by Red Stonz - incredible live wallpapers with beautiful waterfalls of our planet. Have an exciting walk to the foot of the most beautiful waterfalls and feel their powerful energy and unique beauty.
Views: 8 477
Popularity: 1 128
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Votes: 18
Nature by Red Stonz - beautiful live wallpapers with picturesque landscapes of wild nature from different corners of our planet. Have rest from the city rush and enjoy beauty of mountain lakes, forest rivers and endless meadows.
Views: 4 934
Popularity: 591
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Votes: 4
Swans by JimmyTummy - romantic live wallpapers with beautiful white swans swimming in the lake. Set these wallpapers and give yourself inspiration and peace watching graceful white birds.
Views: 1 963
Popularity: 91
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Votes: 20
Lightning 3D - beautiful live wallpapers with sparkling lightnings in the stormy sky. Set these wallpapers to the screen of your device, watch bright flashes of lightnings and start of a powerful storm.
Views: 5 522
Popularity: 967
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Votes: 14
Sea by JimmyTummy - beautiful live wallpapers with a sea view. Set these wallpapers to your device, watch foaming turquoise waves washing the shore and feel soul harmony and peace.
Views: 4 675
Popularity: 455
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Votes: 7
Chinese ink 3D - incredible live wallpapers with beautiful Chinese ink painting. Set these wallpapers and enjoy great mountain landscapes and waterfalls made in Chinese painting style.
Views: 4 147
Popularity: 430
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3D   Space   Interactive  
Votes: 32
Earth and Moon 3D - look at our planet and its satellite. Watch the sunrays lighting the Earth when going slowly on the surface. Enjoy incredible view of our planet on the screen of your device.
Views: 8 559
Popularity: 1 693
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Votes: 8
My name 3D - original live wallpapers with the help of which you can write on the screen your name or a phrase using different styles. Set these wallpapers, personify your device and underline your style.
Views: 3 443
Popularity: 482
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Votes: 17
Thunderstorm 3D - exciting live wallpapers with a powerful thunderstorm. Set these wallpapers and watch flashes of lightnings on the background of dark clouds, scary approaching tornadoes and heavy rain.
Views: 5 397
Popularity: 888
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Votes: 30
Wolf by orchid - amazing live wallpapers with wild forest animals - wolves. Set these wallpapers and look into the world of wildlife, with free and furious wolves, whose spirit is strong and always devoted to the interests of the pack.
Views: 6 145
Popularity: 786
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Votes: 12
Maple leaves by orchid - beautiful live wallpapers with an autumn maple forest in red and yelolow colors of autumn. Enjoy a warm sunny autumn day and watch a light wind taking maple leaves from the trees.
Views: 3 139
Popularity: 334
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