Here you can download best Animals live wallpapers. Android live wallpapers become more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really beautiful screensavers. All content is totally free! Any mobile livewallpaper can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Animals live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets are added daily to our collection.
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Puppy by Best Live Wallpapers Free - funny live wallpapers with really cute little puppies. Set these wallpapers to your device and get many positive emotions brought by these puppies every day.
Views: 485
Popularity: 38
Votes: 1
Purple diamond butterfly - stylish live wallpapers with purple diamond butterflies and sparkling animation. Decorate the screen with bright and fashionable wallpapers, which will create a unique look for your device.
Views: 804
Popularity: 72
Votes: 12
Butterflies by Happy live wallpapers - bright live wallpapers with tropical butterflies. Make your device even brighter and more beautiful, set these wonderful wallpapers, which will bring you good mood every day.
Views: 2 925
Popularity: 234
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Votes: 13
Kittens by Wallpaper qHD - beautiful live wallpapers with very cute little kittens. Get a funny pet on the screen of your device. It will follow you everywhere and bring you only good emotions.
Views: 1 847
Popularity: 217
Ladybugs by 3D HD Moving Live Wallpapers Magic Touch Clocks - original live wallpapers with funny ladybugs, which move across the screen. Set these cute wallpapers and they will cheer you up every day.
Views: 1 325
Popularity: 126
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Votes: 9
Сute kittens - wonderful live wallpapers with cute and funny kittens and embedded animation effects. Set these wallpapers on the screen of your device and add positive emotions to your life and cheer up.
Views: 1 572
Popularity: 180
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Votes: 7
Blicky: Pets - funny live wallpapers with cute pets, who will watch your actions on the screen and tilts of the device. Set this application to your device and give yourself positive emotions.
Views: 2 223
Popularity: 203
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Votes: 6
Falcon - beautiful wallpapers with pictures of wild and majestic birds - falcons, which were used in hunting long time ago. Look at the world with falcon's eyes. He flies incredibly high and can change the direction and attack the game any second.
Views: 2 389
Popularity: 252
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Votes: 16
Cat by Art LWP - really cute wallpapers with charming cats for the screen of your device. Aim for positive thinking and good mood just looking at the screen of your smartphone or a tablet. These funny furry pets will not leave you cold.
Views: 2 471
Popularity: 282
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Votes: 18
Parrot by Live Animals APPS - bright and beautiful live wallpapers with big wild parrots. Plunge into the beauty of tropics with their feathered inhabitants and enjoy new pictures on your screen every day.
Views: 5 318
Popularity: 540
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Votes: 15
Swans by SweetMood - beautiful live wallpapers with cute swans in love. Set this application to your device to watch incredible beauty and these beautiful birds gracefully swimming in the lake.
Views: 4 323
Popularity: 397
Votes: 18
Cute animals by MISVI Apps for Your Phone - cute live wallapers with really nice and touching pictures of pets. Decorate the screen of your device with playful kittens or colorful rabbits, which will surely cheer you up.
Views: 4 041
Popularity: 410
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