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Dolphins 3D by Mosoyo - charming 3D wallpapers with the smartest inhabitants of the sea - dolphins. Set these wallpapers and have an exciting journey across the sea waters with graceful and funny dolphins living there.
Views: 4 984
Popularity: 772
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Votes: 13
Under the sea by Glitchshop - amazing calm live wallpapers with relaxing underwater surroundings. Watch calm flow of water and sunrays reaching the sea bottom getting through the thick water.
Views: 3 499
Popularity: 651
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Votes: 15
True water - incredible live wallpapers with decorative koi ponds. Choose a new background for the screen of your device to your liking and enjoy relaxing atmosphere created by these wallpapers.
Views: 2 875
Popularity: 429
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Votes: 16
Discus 3D - beautiful live wallpapers with bright colorful discus aquarium fishes. Set these wallpapers to the screen of your device and watch relaxing swimming of fishes surrounded by beautiful animation.
Views: 4 485
Popularity: 920
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Votes: 44
Koi 3D - beautiful live wallpapers with very cute colorful koi. Make a beautiful Japanese pond on the screen of your device and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of silence and harmony when watching at the swimming fishes.
Views: 16 827
Popularity: 2 637
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Votes: 47
Luminous jellyfish HD - incredible live wallpapers with one of the most beautiful sea inhabitants - luminous jellyfish. Decorate the screen of your device with a background of swimming jellyfish and original animation of air bubble going up.
Views: 13 141
Popularity: 2 258
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Votes: 23
Lovely arowana by kimvan - set live wallpapers with one of the oldest fishes in the world - arowana, to your device. Provide yourself with a long and happy life. This fish is regarded to be a powerful talisman, which brings luck in business to its owner, wealth, prosperity and health.
Views: 8 580
Popularity: 1 479
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Votes: 49
Fish - bright and beautiful live wallpapers with swimming fishes. Create your own aquarium of exotic fishes directly on the screen of your device. You can choose a background and kinds of fishes to make your wallpapers unique.
Views: 17 601
Popularity: 2 616
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Votes: 32
Pond with koi by Karaso - relaxing live wallpapers with colorful koi. Set these wallpapers to your device and give yourself minutes of silence and peace, watching beautiful fishes swimming in the pond.
Views: 10 041
Popularity: 1 603
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Votes: 80
Fish 3D - realistic virtual pond with beautiful fish, water ripple and leaves floating on the surface. Set these romantic wallpapers and adjust shadows of fish and leaves at the bottom of the pond and watch behavior of fish.
Views: 23 160
Popularity: 4 486
Votes: 180
Ocean Aquarium 3D: Turtle Isle - interactive and totally animated ocean with various fishes, turtles and small crabs. Camera dynamically moves across the plot and supports zooming option.
Views: 56 133
Popularity: 7 805
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Votes: 116
Aquarium - is an aquarium with various animated fishes. Watch them, change decorations and add plants. Perfectly arrange a relaxation area.
Views: 30 153
Popularity: 4 721
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