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Votes: 10
Love: Clock by Venkateshwara apps - romantic live wallpapers with love theme and analog clock represented by a heart. Give yourself romantic mood and decorate the screen of your device with these cute wallpapers.
Views: 2 023
Popularity: 145
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Votes: 3
Sweet dolls - cute live wallpapers with charming dolls and beautiful animated effects represented by flying hearts, butterflies and glitters. Create a unique look for your device and give yourself joy and good mood for each day.
Views: 1 196
Popularity: 88
Votes: 28
Fire by MISVI Apps for Your Phone - stiylish live wallpapers with fire skulls, writings and figures. Set a real flame, a fire sign or a burning candle on the screen to make your device even brighter, more unique and stylish.
Views: 6 783
Popularity: 1 288
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Votes: 15
Dreamcatcher - incredible live wallpapers with an Indian talisman, which protects the sleeping person from evil spirits and bad dreams. Create a unique look for your device and enjoy beautiful amulets, which will give you only positive emotions.
Views: 4 604
Popularity: 523
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Votes: 17
Moon slide - fairy tale live wallpapers with a magic slide in the shape of moon with funny heroes sliding along. Visit a wonderful land, where little men live in colorful houses and share good mood with pleasure.
Views: 2 725
Popularity: 361
Votes: 18
Cute by Live Wallpapers Gallery - really cute and positive live wallpapers with a beautiful animation for your smartphone or tablet. Set a nice picture to your screen and cheer up yourself and your friends.
Views: 2 982
Popularity: 238
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Votes: 7
Zen - relaxing live wallpapers with sandy landscapes of a Japanese garden. Set these wallpapers to the screen of your device and give yourself feeling of peace and internal balance. Enjoy beauty of the nature and feel harmony in your soul.
Views: 2 972
Popularity: 284
Votes: 21
Glitter by My Live Wallpaper - bright and glittering live wallpapers for the screen of your device. Set these wallpapers to your smartphone or tablet, create a unique look for it and make it even brighter and more attractive.
Views: 5 154
Popularity: 525
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Votes: 26
Pixel rain - original live wallpapers represented by falling pixels on the screen. Set these wallpapers to your device and enjoy the beauty of falling of small colorful squares, which will give you peace of mind.
Views: 5 481
Popularity: 816
Votes: 11
Snowman by BlackBird Wallpapers - cute live wallpapers with funny fairy tale snowmen. Give yourself festive mood and walk in the winter fairy tale, which will surely bring you joy and make your device even more attractive.
Views: 2 168
Popularity: 145
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Votes: 39
Real Time Weather - bright live wallpapers with exact weather forecast at any certain moment of time. Decorate the screen of your device with these stylish and attractive wallpapers to be always informed on weather in your city.
Views: 10 505
Popularity: 2 129
Votes: 23
Neon by MISVI Apps for Your Phone - bright and original live wallpapers with neon pictures. Set these wallpapers to the screen, create a unique look for your device and make it even brighter and more attractive.
Views: 6 093
Popularity: 869
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