Here you can download best Background live wallpapers. Android live wallpapers become more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really beautiful screensavers. All content is totally free! Any mobile livewallpaper can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Background live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets are added daily to our collection.
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Votes: 13
Snowman by BlackBird Wallpapers - cute live wallpapers with funny fairy tale snowmen. Give yourself festive mood and walk in the winter fairy tale, which will surely bring you joy and make your device even more attractive.
Views: 5 389
Popularity: 247
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Votes: 73
Real Time Weather - bright live wallpapers with exact weather forecast at any certain moment of time. Decorate the screen of your device with these stylish and attractive wallpapers to be always informed on weather in your city.
Views: 24 644
Popularity: 4 578
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Votes: 27
Neon by MISVI Apps for Your Phone - bright and original live wallpapers with neon pictures. Set these wallpapers to the screen, create a unique look for your device and make it even brighter and more attractive.
Views: 10 544
Popularity: 1 174
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Votes: 28
Purple diamond butterfly - stylish live wallpapers with purple diamond butterflies and sparkling animation. Decorate the screen with bright and fashionable wallpapers, which will create a unique look for your device.
Views: 14 234
Popularity: 677
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Votes: 18
Sweet romance - romantic live wallpapers with red roses and lovely original hearts. Choose your favorite romantic image and enjoy it on the screen of your device. Give yourself good mood and positive emotions every day.
Views: 8 001
Popularity: 387
Votes: 45
Black by Cute Live Wallpapers And Backgrounds - stylish live wallpapers with animals and objects on the black background. Decorate your smartphone or tablet with original live wallpapers created especially for those who like dark colors.
Views: 12 866
Popularity: 1 504
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Votes: 9
Garden flowers - find your favorite flowers and decorate the screen of your smartphone or a tablet with beautiful pictures of garden flowers. These wallpapers will be an unforgettable present for your friends and family, who love flowers.
Views: 7 180
Popularity: 201
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Votes: 9
Romantic by My Live Wallpaper - set romantic live wallpapers with love attributes to your device. Get romantic and positive mood and don't forget to give your friends and your beloved love and warmth of your soul.
Views: 5 813
Popularity: 233
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3D   Background  
Votes: 20
Smileys - funny live wallpapers with positive smileys. Watch at the screen of your device to get a portion of good mood. Apply all options of the application to make your device unique and good looking.
Views: 11 713
Popularity: 879
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Votes: 53
Sparkling glitter - sparlking live wallpapers with beautiful colorful animation. Add glitter and charm to your device, make it even brighter and more stylish . You can select background color and animation according to your mood.
Views: 12 678
Popularity: 1 892
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Votes: 42
Real money - stylish live wallpapers with money for those who knows its value and knows how to earn it. Make a real money rain on the screen of your device. As you know, money is never enough and these wallpapers will surely bring you luck in finance.
Views: 17 159
Popularity: 2 192
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Votes: 25
Golden luxury diamond hearts - gorgeous bright live wallpapers with diamond hearts. Decorate the screen of your device with beautiful and stylish wallpapers with sparkling animated effects, which will give unique look to your device.
Views: 7 454
Popularity: 451
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