Here you can download best 3D live wallpapers. Android live wallpapers become more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really beautiful screensavers. All content is totally free! Any mobile livewallpaper can be included into several sections and have several features. Best 3D live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets are added daily to our collection.
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Added: 02-17-2017
Votes: 5
Views: 1 016
Popularity: 169
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Added: 02-07-2017
Votes: 29
Cars 3D - really fast and powerful cars gaining huge speed going along the highway. You will be offered classic, sports and police cars.
Views: 6 902
Popularity: 1 218
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Added: 02-06-2017
Votes: 45
Far Galaxy - a mysterious stellar system with huge planets covered with stormy clouds, asteroids and endless burning horizons.
Views: 8 941
Popularity: 2 027
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Added: 02-02-2017
Votes: 44
Jet Flight - is a battle plane making aerobatic maneuvers. The aircraft is completely armed and is a real threat. Watch the actions of an experienced pilot.
Views: 11 607
Popularity: 2 851
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Added: 02-01-2017
Votes: 37
Universe 3D - beautiful view of open space. You can see huge planets and space stations. Really fast starships will fly from time to time.
Views: 10 751
Popularity: 2 092
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Added: 01-04-2017
Votes: 77
Betta Fish 3D - 3D model imitating life of a real betta fish. It swims slowly and changes its unique color from time to time.
Views: 22 241
Popularity: 4 647
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Added: 12-27-2016
Votes: 21
Waiting for Christmas - plunge into wonderful atmosphere of Christmas. Watch the snow falling slowly, foresting on the window and a lonely house.
Views: 8 298
Popularity: 1 242
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Added: 12-09-2016
Votes: 23
Shiny Gears - huge number of moving elements make one mechanism. All parts of a big engine are procedure animated and displayed in real time.
Views: 8 185
Popularity: 1 463
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Added: 12-07-2016
Votes: 80
Space - endless and really mysterious space. Watch giant planets and falling stars. Discover all mysteries of our huge galaxy.
Views: 21 421
Popularity: 5 681
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Added: 12-06-2016
Votes: 14
Awesome Skies - generated clouds on the background of colorful starry sky. Enjoy dimensional parallax effect during a beautiful starfall.
Views: 5 897
Popularity: 1 159
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Added: 11-30-2016
Votes: 54
Swords Grass - swords left by brave warriors after a deadly battle. Light wind symbolizes that the battles is over and it has a winner.
Views: 14 323
Popularity: 3 403
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Added: 11-29-2016
Votes: 56
New Engine - watch a powerful engine working. You will see the gears moving accurately as well as blasts in cylinders.
Views: 15 866
Popularity: 4 166
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