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Animals   Vector  
Votes: 199
Stalker cat - Funny live wallpapers with a stalker cat. He will appear from different sides of the screen and watch every move of yours. The application is energy saving.
Views: 40 547
Popularity: 9 402
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Votes: 53
Vector: Parallax - fantastic neon abstraction with parallax effect. Live wallpapers react the position of the device, have different settings and are energy saving.
Views: 37 488
Popularity: 9 190
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Votes: 107
Love and heart - live wallpapers will tell you a story of true and pure love between a young man and a girl. When people sincerely love each other a real magic happens.
Views: 38 104
Popularity: 6 451
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Votes: 37
Solo launcher - elegant, smooth and magnificent design for your desktop! And simple and available settings will allow to adjust a gadget easily for more comfortable use.
Views: 36 460
Popularity: 6 333
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Votes: 33
Panda dumpling lite - animated and interactive live wall-paper with a pretty pan-daughter. Touch it, and it will open eyes. The ball, which it looks at is possible to burst, but then there will be a new one.
Views: 26 892
Popularity: 6 227
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Votes: 29
Sakura falling - add some elegancy to your desktop. You can change the color of the background and the color of sakura flowers. You can also adjust the speed of the elements falling.
Views: 28 948
Popularity: 5 930
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Votes: 51
Flowers by Live wallpapers - wonderful live wallpapers which will make a flight illusion through a flower glade. Petals are swirling in the air and as soon as you touch the screen you will see colorful butterflies.
Views: 35 128
Popularity: 5 909
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Votes: 116
Peper the kitten - the cutest and the most playful kitten with charming eyes will decorate your desktop. It will watch every move of yours, shake his head, blink and move ears.
Views: 26 192
Popularity: 5 623
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Votes: 76
Akuma - awesome live wallpapers with a popular Japanese character of comics, games and TV series. The application is touch sensitive, has energy saving mode and flowing animation.
Views: 25 981
Popularity: 5 479
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Votes: 20
Live wall-paper Battery core displays a charge of the battery of your device on the screen. The less the energy is - the ring is dimmer.
Views: 19 935
Popularity: 5 266
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Movie   People   Vector  
Votes: 37
Live wall-paper Hunger games will show, replacing each other, heroes of the movie of the same name. In settings it is possible to establish an interval of change of the actor.
Views: 23 873
Popularity: 4 880
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Votes: 7
Live wall-paper Seeds of life displays spermatozoa which are chaotically moving on the screen. They react to a touch on the screen, running up in different directions.
Views: 13 613
Popularity: 4 709
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