Here you can download best Background live wallpapers. Android live wallpapers become more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really beautiful screensavers. All content is totally free! Any mobile livewallpaper can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Background live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets are added daily to our collection.
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Votes: 18
Aries phantom - fantastic live wallpapers which will take you to a mysterious magic world. Those who like horoscopes and astrology will surely like this application.
Views: 30 106
Popularity: 5 014
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Votes: 7
Lesser bear - these live wallpapers will open a wonderful star sky before you. Lesser bear will appear on the block screen and will surely give you good moods for the rest of the day.
Views: 13 937
Popularity: 2 899
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Votes: 2
Sinbawa to the beach - a funny and playful frog will live on your desktop and bring you luck and happiness. Drag time and date down to unblock the screen.
Views: 10 288
Popularity: 1 483
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3D   Background  
Votes: 58
Speedometer 3D - live wallpapers for those who like speed and adrenaline. This speedometer will give you the feeling of being a driver of a powerful car.
Views: 54 347
Popularity: 9 703
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Votes: 15
Colorful bubble - bright bubbles will move on the screen of your device. Live wallpapers have many settings, are energy saving and can be set to most devices.
Views: 22 527
Popularity: 5 271
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Votes: 27
Magic - spectacular live wallpapers with unique design. Enjoy the magic which will take place on your desktop. The application has handy settings and is energy saving.
Views: 19 688
Popularity: 5 013
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Votes: 207
Gasoline - set a real control panel on the screen of your smartphone or tablet PC. Live wallpapers will show the current date, time, battery charge and signal.
Views: 85 141
Popularity: 25 621
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Votes: 24
Water touch - the most realistic live wallpapers with the effect of water surface. The application reacts taps, has handy settings and different backgrounds.
Views: 30 245
Popularity: 3 672
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Votes: 9
Colored lights - spectacular colored lights which will plunge you into the atmosphere of a groovy night club. Live wallpapers react touches and are energy saving.
Views: 16 300
Popularity: 3 678
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Votes: 122
Sweetheart - floating hearts will fill the screen of your device. Live wallpapers have settings of background pictures, fit most of devices and are energy saving.
Views: 29 151
Popularity: 13 181
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Votes: 113
Space bubbles - wonderful space bubbles which react touches and have many settings. Enjoy these fantastic live wallpapers and get positive emotions.
Views: 38 570
Popularity: 9 389
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Votes: 12
Color mixer - these live wallpapers will demonstrate you real magic. Rave of color, variety of colores and tones will make the screen of your device a unique one.
Views: 14 738
Popularity: 3 395
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