Here you can find free Cartoon live wallpapers for Android 4.0.1 . Any Android live wallpaper can be included into several categories and have several features.
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Votes: 2
Cute - cute live wallpapers with funny cartoon heroes. Decorate your device with these wallpapers and recall your favorite characters from cartoons. You will surely smile and think about something good every time you look at them.
Views: 334
Popularity: 20
Unicorn by Cute Live Wallpapers And Backgrounds - wonderful live wallpapers with magic unicorns and beautiful animation. Plunge into a wonderful fairy tale where good fairies live and beautiful unicorns faithfully serve them.
Views: 3 637
Popularity: 354
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Votes: 6
Anime lovers - romantic live wallpapers with anime style lovers. Set this application to your device and give yourself and your beloved fest of love and feelings, give each other positive emotions and enjoy each moment.
Views: 1 164
Popularity: 134
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Votes: 7
Blicky: Pets - funny live wallpapers with cute pets, who will watch your actions on the screen and tilts of the device. Set this application to your device and give yourself positive emotions.
Views: 2 223
Popularity: 203
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Votes: 11
Blue love - romantic anime style live wallpapers with two in love. Enjoy a warm summer night at the ocean coast, where the moonlight colors the sky into indigo color and you can watch the stars sparkling in the sky for a long time.
Views: 2 984
Popularity: 215
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Votes: 27
Teddy bear: Love 3D - open the door to the winter fairy tale together with a little teddy bear, who hurries to bring you love and warmth. Beautiful animated and 3D effects will add magic charm to your device.
Views: 7 627
Popularity: 798
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Votes: 25
Fairy by orchid - fairy tale live wallpapers opening the door to the magic world. Visit a fairy, get to incredible castles and walk along mysterious paths of the enchanted forest with magic creatures living in.
Views: 7 482
Popularity: 770
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Votes: 74
Assasins creed - stylish wallpapers for a smartphone or a tablet for all fans of the same named film and game. Set these wallpapers to your device and high quality pictures with your favorite heroes will gladden you each day.
Views: 9 631
Popularity: 2 511
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Votes: 33
Danbo - is a story of an incredible carton robot, depicted through live wallpapers. Set these wallpapers and get ready for incredible adventures together with a cute robot Danbo from a Japanese animations.
Views: 5 726
Popularity: 1 143
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Votes: 15
Tornado 3D - is an incredible amusement park where you can see detailed animated rollercoasters, swing as well as an observation wheel.
Views: 8 832
Popularity: 1 238
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Votes: 57
Toon Town - plunge into an eventful atmosphere of an animated city. Set up all parameters and watch your personal little world.
Views: 12 957
Popularity: 3 359
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Votes: 27
Crescent: Dream - plunge into bright dreams of a cute girl. She is swinging surrounded by white clouds, colored petals and beautiful crescent. Live wallpapers have handy settings.
Views: 9 072
Popularity: 1 215
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