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Added: 12-02-2016
Votes: 24
Mayan Mystery - huge constructions of the ancient civilization having unique architecture. The walls are covered with drawings which hide secrets.
Views: 8 074
Popularity: 1 327
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Added: 12-01-2016
Votes: 26
Birch Wood - visit a birch wood. You will be surrounded by trees and high grass only. Observe falling leaves and birds. You will see the moon in the sky at night and the sun in the morning.
Views: 10 027
Popularity: 1 841
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Added: 11-30-2016
Votes: 54
Swords Grass - swords left by brave warriors after a deadly battle. Light wind symbolizes that the battles is over and it has a winner.
Views: 14 323
Popularity: 3 403
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Added: 11-29-2016
Votes: 56
New Engine - watch a powerful engine working. You will see the gears moving accurately as well as blasts in cylinders.
Views: 15 866
Popularity: 4 166
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Added: 11-28-2016
Votes: 28
Maple Leaves - enjoy falling leaves having various colors. Maple leaves will dance slowly when you turn desktops.
Views: 7 233
Popularity: 1 663
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Added: 11-24-2016
Votes: 50
Familiars - mysterious animals living in a wonderful fairy tale world. They are very active during the day time and sleep at night. You can watch their life and interact with them.
Views: 15 575
Popularity: 2 084
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Added: 11-23-2016
Votes: 66
ClockWork - a really complicated clock mechanism with neon face. You can watch the moves of small parts and know exact time any moment.
Views: 19 669
Popularity: 5 317
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Added: 11-21-2016
Votes: 90
Enchanted Rose - beautiful rose enchanted by a mystic spell. Control the life of a wonderful plant. In case there is little energy in your device, the rose will fade.
Views: 24 714
Popularity: 4 322
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Added: 11-18-2016
Votes: 14
Engine Assembly - detailed internal combustion engine. Each detail has its own animation which makes the mechanism work as one whole.
Views: 8 010
Popularity: 1 901
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Added: 11-17-2016
Votes: 7
Chrooma Float - beautiful animation figures in unique graphical style. Strict lines and wonderful combination of colors will satisfy all fans of minimalism.
Views: 3 142
Popularity: 854
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Added: 11-16-2016
Votes: 27
My Mars - watch incredible adventures of Mars rover. Most of time the vehicle will state in the base but sometimes it will complete its missions.
Views: 8 160
Popularity: 2 411
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Added: 11-15-2016
Votes: 43
Toon Town - plunge into an eventful atmosphere of an animated city. Set up all parameters and watch your personal little world.
Views: 7 840
Popularity: 2 221
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